Berlin. Encouraging me to see more of Germany

Next year I’m planning a fairly extensive trip of Germany. Following this, I plan on visiting Germany yet again to see more. Why? Because I love Berlin.

Where did this love begin? Four, almost five, years ago I visited Germany’s capital city. Since then it has remained my favourite city that I have visited. There are some that have come close, with Pokhara and Amsterdam coming in at joint second. But Berlin was a city where I felt comfortable almost immediately, where the people were friendly, and the culture rich. To be fair, it probably didn’t hurt that I visited Krakow straight after, one of my least favourite places (while an absolutely beautiful city, I would recommend that anyone who is not white to be wary of visiting. I felt uncomfortable there). However, despite not particularly liking the latter destination, I think Berlin would still be my favourite place I have visited thus far in my short life.

The Berlin Wall. Credits at the bottom.
The Berlin Wall. Credits at the bottom.

The Berlin Wall. The Reichstag. The view from Radio Tower. Just wandering around this amazing and welcoming city. Germany as a country has so much history, obviously not all of it good, but the exploration of such history is fascinating in a city such as Berlin. I stayed in East Germany in a youth hostel and the feel of this part of the city was so vibrant. Would I feel differently had I been in the West? I don’t think so. Berlin is an amalgamation of culture, coming together to form a truly super city. The western side, where I spent most of my days, was more upscale and felt sleeker, but it also had a warm welcoming air to it.

All of this has led to me continually proclaiming my love for Germany as a country. I want to explore more of this nation to ensure that I have not fallen for a country based simply on one excellent city – I want to check that all regions and towns are equally amazing. My love for the capital has fuelled my desire to see more of Germany. While my years of studying war-time history would make me crave seeing Dresden, and the reputation afforded to Bavaria would encourage me to visit the region, Berlin has created a love for Germany that is still going strong and has promoted interest seeing areas I would not have wanted to see previously. More so than any other country I have visited, my visiting this one city has made me want to explore further than just the capital.

When I do go on my much awaited trip to Germany, I promise I’ll write more about it. Until then, are there any smaller towns or villages you would recommend? Any cities we’d be crazy to miss? Please, let me know. I’m always looking for tips on where to go in my favourite country.

Photo credit to Cathy at Ma Vie Trouvee. In 2009 I wasn’t that much of a photo taker.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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