My Fear of Flying

A.k.a The post about how I am totally flying to L.A. Yes, the day I have been looking forward to for six months plus has finally arrived, I am going to explore and work in the USA. So. Excited.

Except that I have also been slightly dreading the trip. Why, you ask? I have a fear of heights, and this fear of heights has transformed itself into a fear of flying. So, if you are reading this on Wednesday, just know that I am going to be high up in the sky above you, fearing for my life.

It’s not that I can never enjoy flying. I enjoy the food on some airlines (Emirates being a personal favourite; as I’m flying with Virgin for the first time the verdict there is still pending). I like in-flight entertainment, all the different films. Sometimes I even like talking to fellow passengers. However, these all serve as distractions from the fact that I am thousands of metres in the air, relying on a steel tin to transport me safely.


Yes, I exaggerate. But that’s how it feels for me, especially during turbulence, the joke of aeroplanes. Seriously, every time you hit turbulence it’s as if the plane is saying, “Ha, hilarious. You thought you were going to die”. It’s flying’s little practical joke. My sister never really understood my fear of flying, and then we had turbulence on the flight into Marrakech. She had never experienced it before. While she is still fine flying she now understands where I’m coming from a bit better. I don’t understand those clearly deranged people who claim to enjoy turbulence. I think either they’re lying, or they have been on too many roller coasters, and they need to raise the stakes of scary thrills. I just don’t understand how feeling like you are going to fall out of the sky and crash is enjoyable, but, hey, each to their own I guess (I still think they’re lunatics).

I am looking forward to L.A. (so much!), but I wish teleportation had been invented already so I could miss out the crazy fun of feeling like I’m about to die every time I want to travel somewhere the least bit interesting. Just for the record, my dislike of this method of transport is why, when I do any big, world-wide travel, I’m going to be using every land-based transport possible. Hello, Eurostar and the Trans-Siberian railway. Oh, you can get the ferry from Osaka to Shanghai? Yes please. When I do (hopefully) go for an extended travel, the Man in Seat Sixty-One is going to be my bible, and air travel will be the Anti-Christ, statistics on safety be damned.

Image credits: Slow Buddy and Rewardingtravels

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