Day 4: Favourite book of your favourite series

Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett


(Slight spoilers).

I have many books in the Discworld that I like (such as the Death stories and Small Gods), but as with many Discworld fans my favourite story lines are those of the Nightwatch, and Men at Arms is my favourite of those. Pratchett deals with the racial tensions between trolls and dwarfs well, the parallels to real life situations obvious and handled nicely. This, I believe, is why I enjoy this Discworld series so much: it deals with an area to which I can relate in a funny but serious way. The characters are also great. This book is the first time we meet Angua, the awesome werewolf, and returning are the sweet but sincere Carrot, Vimes, cantankerous though kind-hearted as ever, and in a side role (as always) Lord Vetinari, who I just find hilarious. It’s just a good satire with the right amount of whimsy.

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