Day 15: Favourite male character

Piscine Patel, Life of Pi by Yann Martel


(Slight spoilers ahead).

Most people know that I love Life of Pi. It is a great book. I wrote a whole post on it. But, considering the majority of the book takes place with the main character stuck on a boat alone, bar a Bengal tiger, that character would have to be pretty interesting. Luckily for Life of Pi, that character is. I’ve said previously how Pi’s faith is what I love most about him, and it’s true: his unquestioning faith in many religions, even when the situation seems hopeless, is truly admirable. Even after he has been abandoned by his supposed friend, his last connection on earth, Richard Parker, Pi retains his faith. But there are other qualities also: he is determined – forget the impossible odds of being abandoned at sea, see how he turns from Piscine (or Pissing) to Pi – he has fears but overcomes them, he is resourceful and optimistic. He is a brilliant character before getting shipwrecked with his tiger, and all of those qualities just grow when abandoned at sea. Quite simply, I adore Pi. He’s the best.

Shout out to Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. A secret werewolf that is intelligent and full of angst results in him being so fanciable. Sorry Sirius.

Image credit: IndieReader

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