Day 18: A book that disappointed you

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen


After not expecting to enjoy Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion and doing just the opposite, after really liking the Ang Lee film adaptation of this book, and from hearing a friend declare this was her favourite Jane Austen novel, I was ready to really enjoy Sense and Sensibility. Instead I found a book I had to struggle to get through, and I didn’t feel all that satisfied with by the end. I usually like the stories of Jane Austen, and though I can get annoyed by the supporting characters (as is to be expected) I usually really like the main character. Eleanor Dashwood, however much I like her practicality, was an exception to this rule: it was her dislike of many people who were kind to her and treated her well that grated for me. I did not dislike her as a whole, just certain elements. But after Anne Elliot and Lizzie Bennet, I suppose I was expecting more. For once the film outshines the book for me.

Runner up: The Shadow of the Wind – if you say someone is going to die don’t cop out by having them die ‘temporarily’. So frustrating.


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