Day 19: Favourite book turned into a movie

Life of Pi by Yann Martel


I was so worried when I heard Life of Pi was getting a big screen adaptation – there was no way, I thought, that it could work. Even when Ang Lee got involved, a director I love, I still was not convinced. The book is so powerful, but really its just about a religious boy who’s stuck on a boat with a tiger. For starters, I didn’t know how they would film the tiger! I was so shocked when the film came out – it was good. Not just good, really good. Ang Lee and his crew had done what I thought wasn’t impossible: taken a book I adored and thought was unfilmable, and made it into a film I adore. Very few ‘filmable’ book adaptation have achieved that, it really was amazingly done.

Also, that CGI tiger looks real. Very impressive.

Shout out to Sherlock Holmes adaptation. No, I am not talking about the Robert Downey Jr. version, nor the TV series; instead I’m raising awareness of Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Disney’s version of Sherlock that I adored as a child. This was my favourite film when I was young, and so I felt it should be recorded on this list for all to see.

Image credit: IndieReader


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