Day 20: Favourite romance book

Persuasion by Jane Austen


(Slight spoilers ahead)

Yet another Austen novel. I was originally determined when I was young to never enjoy a Jane Austen novel. I don’t really appreciate romantic books (nor, for that matter, the underdeveloped romantic subplots that come as per-requisites in some genres – I’m looking at you thrillers), and everyone told me that Jane Austen’s novels were so romantic. No-one mentioned they were also funny. Persuasion, however, is that rare beast where I can appreciate the romance and the comedy equally. It’s a beautifully told romance, Anne Elliot is awesome, and while I’m not sure I would appreciate a declaration of love written down in letter form rather than spoken out loud, you could do worse than receiving such a letter from the plain hot Captain Wentworth.

I would also recommend the 2007 ITV adaptation of Persuasion. While there are some deviations from the plot, it is both funny and sweet, Sally Hawkins is great as Anne, and Rupert Penry-Jones is so good looking as Captain Wentworth. Take me to sea, Captain.

Image credit: Books, my ego and entropy


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