Day 26: A book that changed your opinion about something

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood


I’m not sure that Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel changed my opinions on anything, but I think it challenged them. Or rather, discussing the book with my friends made me challenge myself in what I read into the book. Less cryptically, I’m talking about the end: after all that has gone on before in the dystopian world, we reach the epilogue, and it seems everything is back to normal. However, and this is where the discussions changed my thinking: the world only seems normal because it is similar to the one we live in now. If you look closely at the ending, you still see sexism, still can recognise attitudes that have travelled from the dystopian state to the seemingly ‘corrected’ future. Maybe this sounds a bit deep, but this is a book that really made me question not only what I’d read, but the way we lived now. It was a pretty important book for me, I guess.

Image credit: Kelly Garbato


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