Virgin Atlantic

The first time I flew on an aeroplane I was 12 years old, travelling on a school skiing trip to France. I honestly cannot remember who I flew with on that first trip – in fact all I can remember was that I flew from Heathrow and I think we landed in Grenoble. Since then, however, I have flown with a few different airways. Nothing to brag about, but I’ve experienced a good selection.

Flying to America was my first time travelling with Virgin Atlantic. It did not beat my favourite airline – Emirates – but did beat EasyJet (but then again, barring RyanAir, who doesn’t!?) One main issue was that the plane developed an electrical problem. First, this meant that in flight entertainment was off for 6 hours of an eleven hour flight. Secondly, as I have said before, I am seriously afraid of flying; saying that there’s an electrical problem with a plane does not help me. So not only was I expecting the plane to crash land ever 30 seconds, I didn’t have any television or films to distract me (#firstworldproblems, yeah?) To apologise, the passengers were all given vouchers though, so that’s something.



Also, to be fair to Virgin Atlantic, they could not have given us more food. While I was underwhelmed with my dinner everything else was great. Calzone, pretzels. My favourite was the afternoon tea. I even tweeted about it. They had this little chocolate millionaire shortbread which was amazing! I’m not usually a fan of such things – between brownie and shortbread I’d choose brownie every time. But these were so good; they just seemed to melt in your mouth, little slices of deliciousness.

 The staff were also great, the flight incredibly smooth. Even without any technical difficulties Emirates would still be top of my list, but I’m not disappointed to be flying home with Virgin Atlantic in the next few days.

Image credits: Slow Buddy


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