Strictly’s Back!

Yay! Strictly Come Dancing is back on my telly, and it’s safe to say I’m so happy. I don’t really like any reality TV: I don’t watch the X-FactorBig Brother (Celebrity or otherwise), I’m a Celebrity…, etc., etc., but I love Strictly. Maybe this is because it doesn’t use the contestants for laughs and just to make fun of them, or it just might be because I love dancing (the more likely option, to be honest). Either way, I’m glad it’s back – the lead up to Christmas just got a lot more dance-y – that’s a word! – and awesome.

After seeing the first two shows I’m going to guess that Frankie will win, and that Jake Wood will have deserved to have won (it’s the same every year, isn’t it? There’s the winner, who has the public eating out of their hand, and the one who deserved to win. See Abbey Clancy and Natalie Gumede, or Darren Gough and Colin Jackson. I can’t complain though, I am usually happy with the result). It can, of course, all change by next week, not to say by the final. Either way, I’m looking forward to some great new dances from some unexpected celebrities.

Also, Jake Wood was amazing last night. I never thought I would find him attractive, but he looks good when he dances. Let’s admire his crazy moves.

Are you happy Strictly‘s returned? Or are you more of a X-Factor fan (crazy people!)? Let me know.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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