The Mindy Project: An Exercise in Confusion

I began watching The Mindy Project a few days ago after seeing it advertised multiple times on TV and hearing positive things about it around the web. I am now, however, over halfway through the first season, and I honestly don’t know if I like it or not. No idea. I like some of the characters and I enjoy the overall feel of the show. Perhaps most importantly I like Mindy Kaling and her character. It’s enjoyable seeing an Asian woman on TV – there are so few that’s it’s nice to feel like you’re getting some representation – and her attitude to her body is so refreshing in that she wants to lose weight but still feels confident and sexy without doing anything. So far, so good. However, I usually get bored halfway through most episodes, and have a moment where I ask myself: “Why am I still watching this show?”

I hadn’t actually switched off an episode until ‘Pretty Man’. It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying the episode, but I had become bored, and that’s partly what makes this show so confusing. I want to keep watching because I care about the characters, but because I usually don’t care about the plot I don’t know how to proceed. This isn’t a show that you binge-watch because you have an essay coming up and procrastination makes anything good, and it isn’t until after the essay is finished you realised the show is bad (hello, Smash). Nor is it difficult to watch (or, more precisely, binge on) because it’s so dark or deep like Hannibal – The Mindy Project will never be accused of being deep. This is a show I am at the same time both invested in and completely don’t care about.

Maybe I’ll just watch until the end of the first season and decide. Or, like I did with Grey’s Anatomy for a while after it became bad, I’ll just watch it because maybe, just maybe, it will get better.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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