The Essentials: Make-up on the move

Some people question why I even bother taking make-up with me when I travel, and to be fair, it can be a justified question. Most days I don’t bother with making myself up – after all, no one expects you to look respectable when you travel, and there are better things for me to be doing with my time. Furthermore, in the heat and humidity of New Orleans, or caught in the monsoon rain in Sri Lanka, the last thing I need to be thinking about is how my mascara is holding up.

However. However. There is always that one night where I actually want to look presentable when I go to a party or to a club, and for this I need to be armed with certain basics. So here it is: my travel make-up essentials.

Accessories first. Tweezers are a must for me, fancy night out or not. When travelling I always allow my eyebrows to get a bit out of control, so these are very important come wanting to look decent. A compact mirror is always handy too – you never know when you’re going to be without one and it’s surprisingly limiting when you are.


I don’t wear foundation at home, never mind on the road where it would melt off in a couple of seconds. Concealer on the other hand is a completely different story. Long bus trips, late nights, unhealthy eating and little to no exercise routine leaves bags under the eyes and a few spots across the face, tackled pretty effectively by a bit of concealer. Life saver.


I’m a big eye person when I do make an effort, so mascara, eyeliner (both liquid and pencil) and eye shadow are always with me. Yet before I leave on a trip I empty my make up bag of all but one shade of shadow, cutting down on space a bit. And I never forget my sharpener – heaven forbid I should have a blunt eyeliner pencil!


Finally, lips. For those who are interested I only recently got into lipsticks, but have always needed to have a lip balm with me on the road. I do bring maybe two lipsticks too (one for heavy eyes, and one for light) that will do the trick, but even then sometimes I just stick with the balm.

So what do I leave behind? After all, just because I’m packing make-up doesn’t mean I’m not still packing light.
– Blusher and bronzer, primer, etc. can stay behind as they’re just bulky and, like foundation, will melt off.
– Nail varnish too has no place on the go – who are we kidding, it’s just going to chip. If you do need to have paint on your toes, Maxfactor do great mini nail polishes that fit nicely in your make-up pouch.
– I also stay without variety – as I mentioned before I only take one shade of eye shadow. It’s likely that you’ll have the same make up on every time you do wear it as it will be so infrequent. Simplicity is key.

This is all I need when on the road, what about you? What are your make-up travel essentials?


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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