The Mobile Version of WordPress Needs to Die

Or at least be updated. Fast.

While in the United States this summer I didn’t take my laptop. This was a decision that made sense at the time – I didn’t want to be travelling around with not only that extra weight but also that extra worry. Laptops are expensive: I did not want it to get broken or stolen. That meant that apart from the rare time I had access to a computer I was completely reliant on my phone for internet. It was then that I realised WordPress on your phone sucks.

I had managed to cope with this annoyance until, a few weeks ago, I came across this Daily Post article that advocates using the app, and I felt my blood boil. Because I will never recommend this app based on my experiences with it.

It is awful trying to write a story on your phone. I like to put my links in different colours, have pictures, actually edit my work so that it looks nice and presentable. This is so difficult on the WordPress app. It is not impossible, but to change the colour of text I had to get onto the non-mobile friendly version of WordPress and fiddle around with a screen that didn’t want to play along. Adding tags is difficult because the tags you’ve already used don’t come up. Re-sizing pictures is a nightmare (don’t even get me started on inserting Instagram pictures from a URL). And when I changed my blog’s theme it refused to change for the mobile site (why?!)

Now this may seem like little niggles, and I’m making a bit of a fuss over nothing. But it just makes writing a post that actually looks presentable take so long – much longer than it would take when using a laptop or desktop computer – that it encourages you not to blog. This is a blogging app that makes you not want to tell people about your day or your travels because it won’t be worth it: the quality will be worse and it will take twice the time anyway.

This makes no sense. Why doesn’t the mobile version not have some of the simplest functions that the desktop version has? I tried playing around with the app, but no matter what I could not get to grips with it. I have now removed it from my phone, and can’t see it being re-installed in the future.

I would encourage WordPress to look into this, really encouraging them to change it. It put me off blogging, especially on those days when I couldn’t really be bothered (we all have them, right?), and I haven’t really got back into my groove since. Just make it easier, WordPress, for bloggers to create something on the go that they’re not deeply ashamed about. It will go a long way.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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