Film of the Week: First Blood

ITV4, Wed 19th November 10.00pm

Credit: Wikipedia

Full disclosure: I have never seen Rambo (or Rocky for that matter) which is why First Blood is the FOTW instead of, say, Dog Day Afternoon – which I also haven’t seen – or even X-Men: First Class – which I have seen (and loved). I have no idea what this film is like, and am worried it will be seriously terrible, just not my type of thing, but people have waxed lyrical about Rambo at me for years. Why haven’t I seen it? Don’t you know it’s just the best? Well, I guess this week I find out. My hopes aren’t high, but I hope (really, really hope) I’m proven at least a little wrong and am pleasantly surprised. Plus, I loved Son of Rambow, so can only wish First Blood will be half as enjoyable as that heart-warming little film. Here’s hoping it’s a new guilty pleasure.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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