Blogging with no internet – a bit difficult

So I usually try to post twice a week, maybe three times. Friday is the day when I absolutely must post something, being the last day of the week and all, and last Friday I was getting ready to type. Luckily, I was even feeling in the mood to write, ready to commit to paper (or screen) a riveting post on the American rail company Amtrak (I will repeat, riveting).

But then I experienced something that happens to everyone on the road at some point in their travels/life – quelle catastrophe – no internet.

I know. The horror.

Even in a fixed place this can be a problem for those off on their travels, especially in the more remote destinations. For example, I am not exactly remote, but being in a mountain range – a location not naturally suited to internet cables – means that the web connection isn’t as reliable as, say, in the middle of a town in the UK. And travelling around America I had to have a lot of forward planning if I wanted to post something because I had no SIM card and was therefore completely reliant on public internet in hostels and McDonalds to update my blog.

This has been an unusually long stretch without the web, and it is bad how reliant you become on it, but what I have missed the most is communicating with my family (and Instagram, but mostly the family stuff). I missed blogging too, but the break may have done me good. I was starting to feel a bit thin, like I was running out of ideas. But a week and a half with no WiFi has forced me to read, something I would say I didn’t have time for had I had internet, and think about things to write that are both interesting and that I want to write about.

So, my painful stretch in the WiFi-less wilderness has led me to see that while I may love to write a detailed post on trains in America, there may be more interesting things that I’m dealing with right now in France that I’ll let take the front seat. No worries though, that Amtrak post is coming, and it will knock your socks off. I promise.


Thoughts? Feelings? Let me know.

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