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Film of the Week: The Day of the Jackal

ITV4, Mon 26th January 11.00pm

Credit: Wikipedia

I’ll be honest; I never saw the end of The Day of the Jackal. I was watching it in a lecture at university – the lecture ended, the film didn’t, and I never followed it up to see the end despite being gripped while I was watching it. Here is where I make that up. I am abroad, but Sky+ is going to record this for me – I hope the end is as enjoyable as the beginning.


Film of the Week: Back to the Future

ITV2, Sat 18th October 8.00pm

Credit: Wikipedia

I love, love, love this film! If you haven’t seen it, definitely don’t miss it. If you have – watch it again. It can never be seen too many times.

The plot is basically about Marty McFly who is sent back in time 30 years to 1955. But it’s not a science fiction film for those who may be put off by that – it’s a comedy, and a good one too. It’s also a classic. Highly recommended, and I’ll be watching along with you.