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Film of the Week: Zombieland

FILM 4, Thurs 5th February, 11.10pm

Credit: Deadline

I find myself picking a lot of comedies for FOTW. I’ll take a guess and say that while I love dramatic films, the ones I’ll put on repeat are the ones that make me laugh. This one definitely does the trick; it’s just one of those movies I can watch over and over again. It’s just smart enough, silly enough and crazy enough that it doesn’t get at all boring on repeat viewings, while also managing to be very, very funny. Warning though: contains gore (in a funny way).


Film of the Week: The Day of the Jackal

ITV4, Mon 26th January 11.00pm

Credit: Wikipedia

I’ll be honest; I never saw the end of The Day of the Jackal. I was watching it in a lecture at university – the lecture ended, the film didn’t, and I never followed it up to see the end despite being gripped while I was watching it. Here is where I make that up. I am abroad, but Sky+ is going to record this for me – I hope the end is as enjoyable as the beginning.

Film of the Week: Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy

BBC3, Thurs 1st January (New Years Day) 9.00pm

Credit: Empire

Before seeing this film I thought for sure that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. It is, after all, a film that everyone says you should see, and that it’s amazing, and that it’s hilarious, etc. And I just wasn’t sold; in fact, I thought I wasn’t going to like it at all.

I was wrong.

All those quotable lines – they’re quotable for a reason. You should see it. It is amazing. It is hilarious. It may not be my favourite comedy, but it is a film I would watch again and again, especially on New Years, because it just makes me feel good.

Film of the Week: Dad’s Army

BBC2, Sat 27th December 5.55pm

Credit: Mirror

A classic Christmas film. In fact, a classic Christmas series. Who at Christmas doesn’t do a bit of a binge on Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers? The film version of this BBC series may in fact be my favourite helping of the series. If you are unfamiliar with the show (if you are British, I ask how?) it follows a regiment of the ‘Dad’s Army’, a group of men during the Second World War either too old or injured to fight overseas, and they take their job very seriously. If you missed the announcement, they’re about to do a remake with an excellent cast, which can only hope to be as funny as the original. It’s hilarious, and a must see film this Christmas week.

Film of the Week: Airplane!

Film 4, Sun 30th November 7.15pm

Credit: Wikipedia

It’s funny – I was having a family dinner last night with my parents, and in the course of chatting about flying Aiplane! came up in conversation. Both my parents kept giggling to themselves about scenes in the film, and I said that I had never seen it. Apparently, according to my dad, “Oh, it is funny”. (A direct quote ladies and gentlemen – my dad is a man of few words.) Anyway, I went to find a FOTW for this week, and there I saw Airplane! – there was no way I couldn’t pick it! Let’s see if it lives up to my father’s high praise.

Film of the Week: First Blood

ITV4, Wed 19th November 10.00pm

Credit: Wikipedia

Full disclosure: I have never seen Rambo (or Rocky for that matter) which is why First Blood is the FOTW instead of, say, Dog Day Afternoon – which I also haven’t seen – or even X-Men: First Class – which I have seen (and loved). I have no idea what this film is like, and am worried it will be seriously terrible, just not my type of thing, but people have waxed lyrical about Rambo at me for years. Why haven’t I seen it? Don’t you know it’s just the best? Well, I guess this week I find out. My hopes aren’t high, but I hope (really, really hope) I’m proven at least a little wrong and am pleasantly surprised. Plus, I loved Son of Rambow, so can only wish First Blood will be half as enjoyable as that heart-warming little film. Here’s hoping it’s a new guilty pleasure.

My Favourite Episode: 30 Rock

MILF Island

Credit: Wikipedia

I LOVE 30 Rock. Just writing about it has caused a 30 Rock binge – I will not apologise. Alec Baldwin has just fantastic comic timing, and Tina Fey never fails to make me laugh; these two are the centre of the show and their on-screen chemistry is insane, I could laugh at them forever. The first two seasons of this genius show are some of my favourite television ever made, and so this made picking a single episode really difficult. In the end I went with ‘MILF Island’ (very closely followed by ‘Tracy Does Conan’), an episode so crazy, and so funny, that it just demands a rewatch (and a rewatch, and a rewatch…).

Some 30 Rock background: MILF Island is a fictional television show on NBC, and what I love so much was that it wasn’t a fictional show that came out of nowhere, arriving just for that episode – earlier in the season Jack mentions it being a hit summer replacement show (along with America’s Next Top Pirate, a show I am personally dying to see).

‘MILF Island’ the episode is set during the fictional finale, and everyone, bar Liz, is dying to see who wins. Unfortunately for the writing staff of TGS, they are unable to watch the show because Jack is on a manhunt: someone on the TGS staff gave a quote to a gossip columnist, saying that Jack “was a Class-A moron”, and he wants to find out who it was, and has enlisted Liz to help him.

The episode gives me everything I need from 30 Rock: twists and turns, a lot of Jack and Liz interaction, Kenneth truth bombs, the rest of TGS having Tracy pull them into a Lord of the Flies parody, Liz flirting (badly), and a hell of a lot of whimsy and craziness. It also has Tina Fey pulling diabolical faces – the world needs more of that just in general, in my opinion – and it makes fun of reality TV. What more could you ask for?

Diabolical Liz Lemon. Credit: Serial Mente

My sister and I are always trading Youtube clips from 30 Rock. It’s genius. ‘MILF Island’ is 30 Rock on top form, at the height of it’s game. For me it’s the best episode: what about you?

Agree? Disagree? Tell me below!