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USA in Photos

America is really photogenic. The National Parks, instantly recognisable icons, busy streets and empty, stunning scenery on the side of the highway. It’s all so beautiful that there is a dilemma whether to just take in the views or spend the time capturing it on film. My one month trip to America (post-camp) was broken up nicely as pre-car crash and post-car crash: our car was written off in Las Vegas. Following the crash, I bought a new memory card for my camera, so I also have pre- and post- crash pictures.

I don’t really know what my aim is when I take pictures. Sometimes the photos are captured for this blog, or because the views are incredible and I just want to remember it. Other times they’re for Instagram, and sometimes because they are just funny pictures. But I am not an expert photographer, nor do I intend to be.

Anyway, that is a roundabout way of saying these are some pictures from my travels round America post-car crash.

The Hoover Dam.
Grand Canyon.
A New Orleans cemetery, from the outside.
On the train, welcome to Yazoo City.


A church in New Orleans.

Go Greek at Loyola University, New Orleans.
Flying the flag at the Grand Canyon.
Near the market in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
A criminally beautiful Forever 21 in Washington D.C.
“Reporting from outside the White House…”
Work being done on the Capitol Dome.
The Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument on the Potomac River.
A beautiful quote in D.C.’s Holocaust Museum.
On the banks of the Hudson River.
Which bridge over the Hudson? I don’t know – maybe Brooklyn!?
A little boat just doing its thing.
Need I say? The Statue of Liberty, baby.

If you like these there are more on my Instagram.

Do like taking photos when you travel? Why do you take yours?


Marrakech in Pictures

I visited both Amsterdam and Marrakech last year, and loved them both (but for different reasons). While I loved the cool, laid-back atmosphere in the Netherlands’ capital city, the touristy Marrakech had more to offer in the way of the exploration of a different culture.

Here are some snaps of mine from Marrakech (with a couple thrown in from the surrounding areas).

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

As I said in my last post, if you’re looking for a cheap holiday this summer at somewhere a little different, I would definitely recommend Marrakech, it’s such a cool little city.

The story behind my ‘cover photo’

After a pretty heavy post last Wednesday I thought I’d do something a bit lighter and explain my ‘cover photo’ (what has Facebook done to me? I literally cannot think of anything else to call it).

Almost a year ago my sister and I travelled to Marrakech, Morocco for a week long holiday. Due to work commitments, and the little money available to students, one week was all that was available to us. The majority of the other travellers we met were on world exploration journeys, or passing through on their way to other exotic destinations. On a sidenote, many of those on long-term travels were Americans and Australians who were taking a ‘once in a lifetime journey’ as Europe and North Africa is quite a distance to travel for them. I have never appreciated the proximity to other countries offered by living in Europe more.

We went to Essaouira for a day trip to escape the heat. At 28ºC it was a welcome relief from the temperatures of Marrakech.

This was not an expensive holiday. We flew with EasyJet. We stayed in a hostel (albeit the awesome Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge). Overall, including flights, accommodation, food, two day trips and spending money we spent under £250 each. You can’t argue with that. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive break this summer to somewhere a little bit different, I recommend Marrakech. Just keep in mind the inescapable heat, with temperatures reaching 50ºC when we were there, and Ramadan in July, though we were told tourists aren’t expected to fast.


So, the picture. It was in our room at the hostel, hanging over my sister’s bed. She wasn’t a fan, but I really liked it, which might seem odd as there’s nothing that remarkable about it. What I really liked was the facial expressions of the two kids: he looks so impressed with himself and happy about his clothes as they’re both dressed up for something fancy. She on the other hand just looks so unimpressed with him, judging him a slightly sarcastic way. I just thought it was funny and sweet, and took a picture as a memory. It has now ended up on the top of this blog.

It wasn’t my first choice as my header but it just looked better than every other photo I tried. I first went with scenic shots, but this just seemed to frame nicer and fit better, at least for me. Like the little boy I’m feeling good about the layout: feel free to sarcastically judge!